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Impotence is a violation of sexual functions, a weakening or absence of an erection (18 drugs to increase an erection), as a result of which a man cannot complete intercourse. In this case, the penis can be in an excited state for a short or long period. The disease requires combined treatment.

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Prostate neoplasms impose serious restrictions on the possibility of therapy. The optimal time to restore potency is after elimination of a benign or malignant tumor. In this case, it is important to consult with your doctor in charge of this matter.

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The disadvantage of this method is the need to carry out the procedure immediately before sex, the occurrence of pain in the penis after use, the possibility of bruising and hemorrhage. The fixing ring must be removed within 2 hours from the start of use to prevent tissue damage.

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If all of the listed methods of drug therapy and drugs for impotence turned out to be useless, the patient is left with the only way to solve problems - a phaloprosthetics operation. During these interventions, a special device is installed inside the penis, which is activated with certain actions and simulates a physiological erection.

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What to do with prolonged erection?

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As a rule, the use of these forms is not difficult for a man. Injection forms (injections) are produced in the form of a special syringe pen that simplifies the administration of the drug. After using them, most people experience temporary pain in the penis, slight bruising and too long persistent erection (more than 3 hours) may appear.

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At the moment, there are two more medical methods for the temporary elimination of impotence. The first is intracavernous injections, the second is microsuppositories (small suppositories) for insertion into the urethra. These methods use a drug called Alprostadil, which improves blood flow to the penis and reduces blood flow from the organ. Due to these two effects, a persistent short erection develops (up to 1-2 hours). The effect occurs in 5-15 minutes. The medicine is injected into the penis by the patient himself, after a little training from an andrologist.

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It is also necessary to clarify that there is a possibility of individual immunity of a person to a specific PDE-5 inhibitor. In this case, to obtain the effect, it is enough to replace the drug with a similar one.

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